Falling in love [with Disney]… all over again

My God! I don’t even know where to begin. Disney never fails to amaze me, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (live action remake) is definitely on top of my favorites list.

From the start of the film, with the iconic Disney logo across a majestic castle (this time, it’s Prince Adam’s castle) to the most heartfelt ending of the story… G-O-O-S-E-B-U-M-P-S! I’ve been trying hard not to cry with every beginning of each iconic scene in the movie. Trust me, I did try, but I can’t help it! Disney made me relive all the beautiful moments of the film in a whole new light. True, it’s still a musical, but that’s what makes it all the more magical!

Kudos to all the designers who’ve worked so hard to make all elements of the film realistically beautiful. I’ve watched until the very end, to have a glimpse of your names in the credits.

Super-mega-applause to Luke Evans, who played Gaston so well. You’ve really brought Gaston to life!

Dan Stevens, you’ve spent most of the film under furs and horns but you’ve perfectly shown the kind, gentle, caring Beast we all came to love; not to mention the shyness and humor of a man trying to impress the girl he loves.

Belle’s father, Maurice (played by the awesome Kevin Kline), was shown here in a whole new light, and I love him even more. Instead of the weird, clumsy “papa” inventor in the old cartoon, Maurice here is a calm, wise, creative and loving father who would do everything for his family. (Watch out for the backstory of Belle’s family.)

Though they’re supporting actors in the film, I take my hat off to Josh Gad (Olaf), Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan Kenobi), Ian McKellen (Magneto), and Emma Thompson (Professor Trelawney) for their roles as LeFou, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts, respectively. It’s very lovely to see you all in this film.

Aaand, of course (drum rolls!), my dearest Hermione-slash-Belle, EMMA WATSON, I LOVE YOU! I know you’ve never sung in public before (well, at least, by my knowledge), but you did it for this movie! Every time you appear on the screen, I can’t help but be awed, because you and Belle are very much alike. It’s like I’m seeing ‘the Emma Watson’ if she’s a French in renaissance times. You are a gift, an inspiration, to all women out there to stand up and be proud of who they are and never let anyone stop them from becoming who they want to be!

I would hate myself to ruin the surprises and magical moments that Disney has in store for you, so I’ll stop here.

Please, please, please watch the movie! Whether you’re a certified Disney baby, who’ve watched the classics way, way back, or you’re one of those who’ve never ever watched a Disney movie (seriously?), YOU HAVE TO GO THE THEATRES to see and feel the MAGIC yourself!


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