Mind vs Heart: Struggles of Depression

“A feeling of seeping sadness. A long, continuous breath of despair. A never-changing darkness within.”


No person in the world wishes to be unhappy. No one dreams of being locked out of the world, of being succumbed to a heavy darkness that never seems to lift. Everyday is like a time bomb, ticking off the life remaining in you, counting how many more seconds will you be able to resist not to end it all.


Walls seem to close upon you, and yet you cannot fight it, you have no strength nor courage left to stop the looming suffocation. Walls keep you away from others; no one can hear you, and you can hear no one. Walls surround you; breathing seems like a part of a long-forgotten past.


Do you know me enough to understand me? Are you willing to feel my pain to help me? Would you still be there even if I send you away? Have you enough light and peace and music within you to save me? Can you remind me who God is?


You’ve been stuck for so long. Do you not wish to be free?


There is still light. Do you not see? Even in the darkest night, a star can be seen from afar.


Stop! Can you hear it? … A sound, beautiful and sweet, the night breeze brings to you.


You are not alone.


When your eyes fail to see, I will give you mine. When your ears cannot hear, I will give you mine.When your heart knows love no longer, I will give you mine.


Take my hand, and don’t ever let go.


Be at peace now.

I      A  M     H  E  R  E    W  I  T  H     Y  O  U ,     A  L  W  A  Y  S  .

Daily Prompt: Dilemma


4 thoughts on “Mind vs Heart: Struggles of Depression

    1. Wow. Thank you for appreciating what I wrote. It really means a lot, especially since I’m just starting on my blog, and the topic of depression has been really difficult for me to relive again to be able to write something about it. It’s definitely like you’ve said, “like a sunrise after a long, cold night” ❤

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